Insecurity in the times of the smartphones…..

The times have changed, and so have the people. Well, that that is what I, in all fairness, believe. Women, to be very honest, have become extremely tech savvy these days. Ah, just look at the irony: women are becoming more and more tech-savvy whereas boys like me happen to be technologically handicapped to quite an extent. Well, that’s a sexist remark, but I’d urge all of you to take on a lighter note. I have no intentions whatsoever of tarnishing someone’s reputation. Ah, so let me come back on to the issue I was addressing. So, as I was saying, women have become extremely tech savvy these days and as a consequence, they’ve been adding new dreams and aspirations to their wish list.

So, in all fairness, I’d like to believe that women have become self-reliant to quite an extent. Now, what accompanies this feeling of self-reliance is a sense of insecurity. Women have this habit of mingling and chatting in groups. To be very honest, women have this insurmountable ability of mingling with diverse groups, but it comes extremely important on our parts to understand that women, like to filter out and choose their own company and companions and any kind of interruption in this context is not at all welcomed by them.

So, in the simplest of terms, I’d like to believe that today, a woman’s mobile device helps her to interact and get in touch with the right people. A smartphone not only tells them whom to get in touch with, but at the same time, it also helps them to filter out and identify whom they need to be wary of.

According to a survey conducted by UNICEF, that’s United Nations International Children’s Monetary Fund, women consider mobile phones or smartphones for that matter, to be a personal asset. Smartphones are considered important simply because they help all of us to keep a track of time, communicate, and keep a track of our health and the list just keeps on getting longer and longer. However, unfortunately women happen to be vulnerable to a greater degree of being stalked, harassed and abused over their mobile device.

Let me be very clear. If you think that it’s a problem pertinent for a particular section of the society, then you’re sadly mistaken. This problem,in particular, has touched women across all regions and religions. News articles and stories dealing with the issue of female celebrities being stalked, harassed and abused by unwanted callers seem to have become a common sight these days. It is no longer just the rich and the famous who are presumably easy targets, this issue,in particular, has percolated to young working professionals and students.

 Women receive vulgar calls, text messages from unknown numbers that are traceable only to the extent of their location. I guess all of us know of somebody who has been at the receiving end of harassing calls from unknown numbers. Phone stalking is, unfortunately, a rather common occurrence, whether you take into account the celebrities or the general public.

Phones that ring unexpectedly in the middle of the night, countless vulgar messages and of course, the calls that get disconnected the moment you answer them are enough to drive a person’s mind into a state of oblivion. Situations like these are bound to leave a drastic impact over anybody’s mind. These situations leave women helpless and challenged.

In this era of smartphones, mobile apps and laptops, technology has become such an evil and an extremely necessary evil at that. As intruding as they’ve become in our lives, they’re also meant to make us feel a bit safe. Numerous apps have been developed that have tried to ensure the safety of the fairer sex.  One can easily download applications such as Truecaller from the Google Play Store which can help women to block, spam and report unwanted calls. Forget the apps, mobile phones themselves come equipped with features like SOS calls, GPS tracking and so on. So, I believe it’s time that we start working together to avoid calls and messages that make us feel insecure and helpless.

Our world can become a safer and a secure place with applications that allow us to identify the caller from a huge, crowd sourced directory of phone numbers across the globe. Smartphones have become such an essential part of our life. So, it becomes important on our part to take all the precautionary measures in order to create a layer of security around us.


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