Of medals and mettle…

As far as India’s Olympic journey is concerned, one thing’s for sure, India’s women are doing their country proud ( with the notable exception of Shobha De 🙂 ) Dipa Karmakar, Sakshi Malik and now, PV Sandhu. Women have exceeded expectations and given us something to cheer.

Sakshi Malik won the first medal for India at the Rio Olympics and the entire nation celebrated her achievement on August 18. Malik won the first medal for India (a bronze) and the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter in order to congratulate her. Continue reading “Of medals and mettle…”


For the love of coffee…:)

A cup of coffee happens to be one of my favorite things. Ah, I don’t have coffee everyday, but whenever I get a chance to have it, I don’t miss the opportunity of having it. I’m a coffee drinker (to quite an extent). I really love the aroma of it and it is the coffee’s aroma that ends up pulling me towards it.

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