Best of the best: Edge of the seat thrillers (ODIs)


Ever since ODI (One Day International) cricket came into existence, the world has seen thousands of ODI matches being played between some of the top cricketing sides in the world. While there have been some ordinary matches, there have been many which have been no less than extra-ordinary. Let us take a look at 5 of the top ODI matches ever played. Continue reading “Best of the best: Edge of the seat thrillers (ODIs)”


“I didn’t want people to think I’m mad…”

I woke up at 5:30 am this morning. No, I didn’t need an alarm to help me wake up. I started getting ready as the memories of my past kept flying through my mind. Today, I have a good enough job, a family and a few good friends, but there were times when I used to feel terribly lonely.

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