Smoke isn’t the only thing you’re blowing…

Picture this in your mind: Tom Cruise staring ferociously at the antagonist, lighting a cigarette and blowing smoke out of his mouth. Now, think of Salman Khan pulling out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and smoking a few of them before going all guns blazing against the bad guys. And finally, think of Ranbir Kapoor smoking a cigarette while reliving the memories he spent with his beloved.

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Menstrual taboos…

“ All of us were born because of menstrual blood, yet it’s considered impure”

I’ve read close to a thousand articles around the very concept of women empowerment. You see women taking giant strides in each and every sphere of life. Be it work, sport or business, women are everywhere. It’s really heartening to see women finally coming out of the clutches of poverty and making their presence felt. But hold on, there’s one thing that keeps bothering me. I really fail to understand why on earth we consider women ‘impure’ during menstrual cycles?

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