Cramping for room: Congestion’s on an all-time high in Delhi

Travelling to work in a city like Delhi is a major concern. Every morning, countless people can be seen making their way to the office. Take my example: I live in West Delhi and make my way to Gurugram every morning via the metro. Taking a cab does no good as traffic tends to crawl like a snail in the morning. This is perhaps because the use of personal vehicles to travel to work has increased significantly. Moreover, the metro is no less crowded and a journey spanning across 40 stations takes nearly a couple of hours.

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A ride to remember…….

I’ve graduated from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) and the institute has been successful at doing what my father could not get me to do for almost 17 years at school i.e. getting me to step out of my house in public transport. I’ve enjoyed numerous rides in the largely crowded Delhi Metro. The institute is located near The Hauz Khas Metro station. The JNU campus happens to be nearby. During my brief stint at the institute spanning 8 months and 22 days, I’ve had the privilege of traveling through public transport.  Traveling using public transport allows you to be independent and at the same time allows you to think and act with a lot of maturity. Continue reading “A ride to remember…….”