Questions aplenty as Nirav Modi pulls off a dramatic heist…

The big news is that despite the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) claims that public sector banks are well-prepared to deal with monetary frauds post the infamous Vijay Mallya fiasco, jeweler Nirav Modi has been able to dump the authorities by stealing somewhere close to INR 11,500 crore in driblets of foreign currency.  What comes as a bigger surprise is the fact that neither the internal auditors nor the people in power were able to unearth the fraud. Continue reading “Questions aplenty as Nirav Modi pulls off a dramatic heist…”


We tend to become vulnerable as we grow older

There was a time when even an introvert like me used to make a lot of friends. Not that I was the most extroverted person out there. I mean no one ever saw me dancing madly in the middle of a big, fat Punjabi wedding, but I, like most teenagers out there, enjoyed getting along with people. I remember meeting a lot of people and making a lot of friends while roaming around aimlessly. Almost every single day, I used to bump into countless known faces. What followed those encounters were incredibly lengthy conversations that just refused to end.

I remember having a big bunch of friends who used to order my favorite food without having to recall it. There were those who understood silence. And then, there were those who organized last minute birthday parties full of fun and frolic.

Being someone’s friend and being friendly with people are two entirely different concepts. You can be friendly with your colleagues, but your colleagues might not be your friends.

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Here’s how you can keep your marriage intact

Note: This blog was published first on Bonobology

“Marriages have become more complex than ever. There’ love, there’s trust, and there’s fun, but all of it is marred by misunderstanding, chaos, and countless ego clashes.” said my best friend as we were undertaking a leisurely stroll. Then, she told me how her husband screamed at her when she had accidentally lost her wallet which contained her husband’s pen drive. This young girl had tied the knot in October last year, but I could clearly see the fading splendour.

Then, there’s a male friend of mine who works as a copyeditor for a leading financial daily. His hectic schedule keeps him occupied even on weekends with a weekly off being the only saving grace. But surprisingly, he takes out time whenever he can in order to take his wife out for parties, get-togethers, and shopping.  He and his wife are happy with the way things are going and there married life is nothing short of perfect.

The concept of marriage is viewed differently by different people. Some people take it as a responsibility while others consider it to be nothing more than a burden. Ask 10,000 people about marriage and you’d surely get 10,000 different answers.

Whatever the definition of marriage might be, but the aspect that forms the essence of marriage is a couple’s ability to not just be delighted when they’re together, but also be derive joy and happiness out of the tiniest of things they do together.

Here are a few tips that might come in handy to keep your relationship on track:

Keep interacting with your partner: Communication helps keep misunderstandings at bay. Keep sharing the smallest of happenings with your partner. Take out some time to talk during the evening while you enjoy a hearty cup of tea. If you want to take the romance quotient a notch higher, then you can perhaps smile into each other’s eyes. Keeping these tiny bits and pieces intact would help you keep the relationship on track.

It’s perfectly fine if you aren’t available all the time: It’s a given fact that people are attracted to those who are beyond grasp.  It’s advisable to make sure that you have an exclusive set of friends. This would give you a set of exciting things (instances, photographs, and videos snippets) to share with your partner. Distance, at times, tends to bring two people closer.

It’s good to keep yourself well-groomed: It doesn’t always mean you have to keep up the make-up all the time. When I say well-groomed I don’t mean being groomed in the physical sense. Stay updated in order to keep the conversation sparkling and exciting.

Create a world that’s secure: It’s always good to keep certain things confined within the four walls of your house. Don’t hesitate to share your private moments with each other. Talk to your partner if you are feeling depressed. If there are things you don’t like, then it’s advisable to talk and sort them out.

Stop looking outwards: Your partner is the best match for you. As long as both of you keep respecting each other, you don’t need to search for ‘janam-janam ka pyaar’ beyond the one you already have. As long as you nurture this belief that you and your partner are made for each other, you’d be at peace with everything that you may come across.


In the name of history, we are ruining our present

Violent clashes have erupted in Maharashtra. Widespread unrest has engulfed the entire state. The rioters are running berserk. Vehicles have been set ablaze, public property has been damaged beyond repair, and above everything else, normal life has been crippled.

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Cramping for room: Congestion’s on an all-time high in Delhi

Travelling to work in a city like Delhi is a major concern. Every morning, countless people can be seen making their way to the office. Take my example: I live in West Delhi and make my way to Gurugram every morning via the metro. Taking a cab does no good as traffic tends to crawl like a snail in the morning. This is perhaps because the use of personal vehicles to travel to work has increased significantly. Moreover, the metro is no less crowded and a journey spanning across 40 stations takes nearly a couple of hours.

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History is often showcased through a lens of sentimentality for it to sound relevant to the present generation

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has become controversy’s favourite child these days. His latest offering Padmavati, a fictional reconstruction of the life of Rani Padmini, is finding itself in troubled waters. The film is facing widespread violent protests in the northern parts of India. Over all these years, art has generally been the softest target, but the present wave of unrest has surpassed all acceptable limits of fair criticism.
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You learn so much out of your own failures

“If you’re mentally unhealthy in the first place, it’ll definitely affect your body. The first thing you need to do is to accept it, and go through the difficult part thinking it’s a part of a much bigger scheme of things.” Continue reading “You learn so much out of your own failures”

From sex to sexuality, fickle-mindeness is our real problem

We, as individuals, speak volumes about putting an end to, or at least, minimising sexual violence, but our efforts are often as fragile as our memories. With Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein facing the heat after being accused of sexually harassing a dozen women, the hashtag #Metoo seems to have taken the world by storm. The hashtag has thrown light on the fact that it is indeed a daunting task for women to report sexual harassment at workplace, even in countries having strong legislations to counter the problem. Continue reading “From sex to sexuality, fickle-mindeness is our real problem”

Being an introvert doesn’t make you an egoistic, ‘bigda hua ladka’

If you’re an introvert, it means you don’t have many friends. If you’re an introvert, it means you’re too shy. If you are an introvert, it means you’re egoistic because you don’t talk. (well, that is what the society believes). Just keep these arguments aside for a moment. Being an introvert is actually a good thing (I’d like to believe that). Being an introvert means you don’t have weekends engulfed with unnecessary hullabaloo. At times, not having a plan is actually a good thing.

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Decoding Essex’s rise to glory

Essex County Cricket Club’s journey from being a mediocre club to lifting the championship title this year has been nothing short of extraordinary. On only four instances, including this one, did they get an opportunity to play in Division One of the County Championship, since 2000. Each of the last three times they gained a promotion, they were relegated the year after. Following their promotion from Division 2 in 2016, they finally won the County Championship for the first time since 1992.

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