Limerence? Not Quite…

A tale of trembling hearts
With words erupting like a volcano
Impudence isn’t there, just fragility of thoughts
I spend hours attempting to join the dots.

Can’t find words, they just erode
When you stare at me, with eyes heavy and broad
Half full or half empty, I don’t know
Are you hiding something similar beneath those eyelids?
Let me know

The moments we’ve spent together,
are both the serendipitous memory
As well as a perpetual sorrow
They were a harbinger of spring to this day
But might soon turn into a steady drizzle by tomorrow

It ain’t fragile, it never was
Neither is my love a gimmick
In fact, my love has reached a point
Where both you and I are synonymic

All my words are lying before me
Like dead weights
Soft sounds emerge from my lips
But perish before reaching your ears
Lips begin to ache
And all that remains at hand is a multitude of snowflakes…

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Trudging along the snowy path
With countless stares tearing him apart
Those eyes, those stares,
remind him of the steel-cold winter
And of glass, of broken shards

Shouts of Moslem and Paki piercing his heart
And those frowns are no less than darts
Killed, butchered, slaughtered, go the news headlines
Framing his men for unknown crimes

Peculiar sights etched in the mind
The world,
as one would expect,
has never been kind…

All he has ever asked for
Is a normal life
Away from the shadows of
Terrorism, poverty, hunger, and communal strife
Is it too much to ask for?
He seems to be shaken,
Right to the core
And his self-respect seems to be snatched, taken

But despite all the tribulations
And the countless human rights violations
He continues on his way
Countless defamatory chants greet him every single day,
but he has nothing to say…

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For the Lankans, Cricket has Always Been More than Just a Game

A lot has already been said about the violence that had engulfed Sri Lanka during the 3-decade-long civil war. The Bollywood flick ‘Madras Café, directed by Shoojit Sircar throws ample light on the plight of the Lankan Tamils during the bloody war that kept robbing the Sri Lankans of all their resources.

Man wearing anti-genocide shirt among protesters in London.

Sri Lanka turned into a war zone for the most part of the 1980s and the 1990s when the LTTE’s demand for a separate Tamil Eelam (state) was met coldly by the Sinhala government. Rising tensions between the Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lankan government paved the way for an ugly civil war which tore the island nation into countless fragments. Continue reading “For the Lankans, Cricket has Always Been More than Just a Game”

Uncovering the Layers…

Beneath that skin of yours,
there’s a lot more than just blood and veins
It is all kept under the wraps
The tribulations, the agonies, the pain

Layer after layer, I try to unwrap you
Much like a gift box
All of it is nothing but a hoax
Staring deep down into your gleaming eyes
I return empty-handed,
completely outfoxed

I start again,
Putting two and two together
But all of it ends up being in vain
All I can figure out is,
you’re ruffling my feathers

An effigy melts, much to my dismay
For it wasn’t supposed to end this way
I wanted to separate bran
But sadly, all I was left with was hay

You’re made of glass
Of countless broken shards
Some blood trickles down
Out of nowhere
And I see myself falling like cards
You’re way more than what meets the eye
A stream of questions within the body of a firefly
Reasons and conventions are getting dull
And all that is left is an abominable lull..


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A belated cup of coffee…..

I had started off late that morning and was in great dread of scolding.Ah, not because I had to reach early but because I had not completed the tasks given to me by my group mates. OK, let me start from the very beginning. The incident I am talking about occurred while I was pursuing  a Post Graduate Diploma course in Advertising and Public Relations from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi. A majority of people like to use the abbreviation and call it IIMC, but I’ve always used the institute’s name in its entirety rather than using an abbreviation.

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‘The Necklace’ by Maupassant Throws Light on the Middle Class’ Aspirations

The middle class (people), for centuries, have aspired to become rich and prosperous. They want all luxuries and riches one can possibly get. ‘The Necklace’ by Guy de Maupassant throws ample light on the never-ending aspirations of the middle class. With limited resources at their disposal, the middle class in the urbanized areas have been harbouring hopes to get rich and affluent in a short span of time. No matter how much one might end up earning, he or she is always looking to aim or a better lifestyle with each passing minute.

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We Haven’t Appreciated Suresh Raina Enough…

There are good players, there are bad players, and then, there are gifted players. These players, more often than not, are impact players who possess the ability to turn a match on its head. Numbers don’t matter to them. What defines them is the impact they have on a particular match. Above that, it is their ability to score vital runs under precarious situations that allows them to carve out a unique identity for themselves. Simply put, these players are called game-changers.  Suresh Raina, the middle-order batsman from India, is one such player.

He might not be a perfect physical specimen, he might not possess the best batting technique, and he has also been caught wanting against the short-pitched deliveries, but despite all his flaws and limitations, this lad from Uttar Pradesh has all the characteristics needed by a batsman to become a match winner. Continue reading “We Haven’t Appreciated Suresh Raina Enough…”