Review: Beauty and the Beast is a beauty…

The world of fairytales is back. Emma Watson, the ‘Hermoine Granger’ of Hollywood is back and boy, hasn’t she done well? Recently, we had read that the girl had said no to Lala Land for Beauty and the Beast. She was called a fool. People literally laughed at her misfortune, but the girl has taken the box office by storm. The film is a visual treat and Emma Watson is undoubtedly the heart and soul of this tale. Continue reading “Review: Beauty and the Beast is a beauty…”

Revisiting ‘The Third Level’ by Jack Finney

Past is a good place to visit, but certainly not a good place to stay. The Third Level by Jack Finney is an engrossing story set in the 1950’s. The story is studded with numerous undertones of irony. It takes you back in time.  It was a world when people hadn’t seen two of the bloodiest wars in the history of mankind. The story brings to light the fact that figments of someone’s imagination can be used for shying away from reality, which in all fairness, is harsh enough. Let us take a closer look at the story. Continue reading “Revisiting ‘The Third Level’ by Jack Finney”

Logan goes all guns blazing…


Set in 2029, the film follows a largely dystopian plot. Dr. Charles Xavier’s school is in ruins. He and Logan (Wolverine) hide near the Mexican border. Logan does odd jobs in order to keep his body and soul together. Additionally, he seems to have aged greatly as his healing factor has begun faltering. Gabriela, a nurse, asks Logan to escort a girl named Laura to a place called ‘Eden’ in North Dakota. Things turn nasty when Reavers come into the picture. Would Logan be able to safely escort Laura to North Dakota? The answer isn’t that hard to find.

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Bangladesh, the game of cricket needs you…

They’ve been taking giant strides on the cricket field. They’ve been playing quality cricket over the past couple of years. The team from Bangladesh showed immense character and promise when it participated in the 2015 Cricket World Cup. Successive victories in the bilateral series against the likes of Pakistan, South Africa and India reiterated the fact that the Bangladesh has transformed as a cricketing nation.

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IPL auction 2017: Of English flavours and Afghani spices

Ben Stokes, Bought by Hyderabad For Rs 14.5 Crore, Becomes IPL's Most Expensive Foreign Player Ever

Seeing more than 350 players going under the hammer is exciting. It really thrills me out when I see bids being placed and players from across the globe going under the hammer (the auction hammer, I mean). The auction for the 10th season of the cash-rich Indian Premiere League saw two different flavours.  On one hand, players from England attracted a lot of bids. The auction saw Ben Stokes, England’s star all-rounder in white-ball cricket, being sold for INR 14.5 crore to the Rising Pune Supergiants  (That’s insane). Stokes would certainly be the happiest person on earth right now. Everytime I look at his (Stokes) price tag, it baffles me.

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Tackling the bullies…

Student days are tough, not because of all those tests and assignments. Tests and assignments were the least of our worries. The tough time I’m talking about is the tough time kids sometimes give to other kids, something which we call bullying. A majority of us end up facing at least one such incident in our student life. A countless number of children are bullied in India every day, it’s never-ending.

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A state of intolerance…

 Film making is rightly considered as a profession which allows the creative juices to flow out of people. It provides people with the widest extent of unleashing their creativity. A director puts his creativity to use in an attempt to create a world of his own. A film maker takes all sorts of cinematic liberties (He’s bound to). Historical depictions are subject to a considerable amount of distortion. History is something which is always created. Distorting history can prove extremely fatal. The recent attack on director Sanjay Leela Bhansali comes as a wake-up call that Hindu extremism is no longer a myth, but a harsh reality.

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It’s a ‘Momo’ thing…

The moment you exit the Janak Puri West Metro Station, two different aromas will greet you. The first being that of the mouth watering Kathi Rolls and the second one would be of this humble delicacy called Momos. The metro station at Janak Puri (West) is just one of the countless spots where Momo-wallas operate. All it takes for a Momo walla to set up his stall is a rickety stool and a steamer. Ah, I forgot to mention the countless hungry faces that surround the stall in utter desperation. Continue reading “It’s a ‘Momo’ thing…”


There are highs and there are lows, especially if you do something for the first time. For you to do something you haven’t done earlier, there needs to be a greater degree of self-confidence. There are times when things can go horribly wrong and you can’t do anything apart from  staring your way into oblivion. There have been times when things have slipped out of hand. Whenever such situations have arrived, I’ve just kept my head down and said  “Okay, I’ll find a way out”.

Remaining firm really helps you at times because confidence alone, is a fickle companion, perhaps the ficklest of them all. You need to have a need for recognition, constant reassurance and a never-ending hope that it won’t desert you. My relationship with it hasn’t been dissimilar.

Honestly, it’s a never-ending process. Initially, when a decline in confidence occurs, a lot of it is related to the stress and the so-called ‘negative energy’ that is created around you and the things you need to refrain yourself from being a part of. It’s a really natural thing that people like to criticize more than they like to support and admire.

It is not about taking a dig at someone, it’s more about stating a fact. Even while having leisurely conversations, people like to get involved in talking negative about someone really quickly. Talking about someone  very positively ends within 10 minutes. You don’t have anything to say after 10-12 minutes. Obviously, you can’t keep harping about a person for long, but you can certainly keep going on when you’re criticizing someone. Many consider it to be a great way of passing (rather killing) time:).

Well, I think as  youngsters, we tend to succumb to them. All of us want to do well, you want to make a name for yourself, but a blow to confidence at a young age is, at times, difficult to recover from. When things don’t happen, an individual can stoop down to a level of confidence which can be really devastating. Not many people realize how badly criticism can hit a person. It can ruin a person’s life if he/she fails to find a way out of it.

People have gone into depression, they can go into depression and it happens to be a really tricky state of affairs. I’ve gone through those times. What I’ve learnt from them is the fact that failures are nothing but an opportunity to learn. It’s never really about trying to prove anyone wrong or going too hard on myself for failing to perform. There are days when I perform way better than what is expected of me. There are days when I perform below par. All of these are nothing but a part of the learning curve. you just need to be patient and go through the grinding with a belief that grinding too, is a part of a bigger process called learning.

Acceptance holds the key here. You need to accept that this, also is a phase that’s bound to come. You need to deal with it. Sometimes, nervousness and press get the better of you, but that is how situations pan out. Things just don’t go the way you want them to go and that is how things are. Those are the times you need to hang in there and realize that failures are important for your own growth.

Mental strength is something that has always been very-very important. I would break it down 70-30 (Mental:physical). The mental side o things has got tougher because we happen to be doing 10 different things at the same time. Work’s a never-ending process. You have to keep performing, you just can’t sit there and wait for things to happen.

Once the hard yards in life are done, the going doesn’t get easier by an inch. There are mood swings at times, but you need to keep the energy going. Melancholy at times, ends up getting the better of you, but you just need to keep your head down and bear it. If you succeed, celebrate. If you fail, just learn from the experience.


‘Tea’totaller: My experiments with tea…

I spent the entire Saturday evening learning the art of making tea. Yes, you heard it right, I was learning the so-called ‘art’ of preparing a hearty cup of tea. Preparing tea, in my opinion, is an exercise. It consists of a pot full of boiling water, some tea leaves, milk and sugar. Well, let me tell you, it isn’t that simple a task.Tea, I believe, is the perfect way of consuming herbs.

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